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29 Sisters Remain

Camp Director

Last nights awards ceremony was an emotional one. When the final staff song ended and the candle lights went dark forceful sobs and tears filled Happy Camper Hall. There was not a dry eye to be found. Below are the words to the CIT's final farewell song.  Campfire tonight will be equally emotional. We will light our wish boats and cast them into Blue Lake holding one another tight until the sun rises and we are forced to say goodbye. What an exceptional summer it has been. 

CIT Closing Song 2017

"Butterfly Fly Away" Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus)


7 weeks went by too fast

Camper days make up our past

Little girls we've grown up here at camp

Learned to laugh and learned to care

Friendships made from everywhere

We have always had each others backs


We never did it all alone

29 sisters in one home

Leaving is as hard as it could be

And when we couldn't sleep at night

Our counselors always held us tight

They were there to show us how to lead


We are done as CITs

Won't forget the memories

Changed the kind of people we will be

Wish we had just one more night

Saying goodbye just isn't right

We embraced each and everyday


Memories never fade

Memories never fade

Memories never fade

How we wish that we could stay

Every year we live 10 months for two


We are forever changed

We are forever changed

As a group we've found our way

Highs and lows we've helped each other through


Camper days

Camper days

Camper days

Camper days end today


In our hearts camp will stay

Forever we'll love this place

29 sisters remain