Summer Camp Blog

Breathless by Breakfast

Camp Director

By Iris Krasnow

    By the time the breakfast bell rang at 8 a.m. this morning I was already, happily, breathless. 

    The morning began at dawn by taking fresh doughnuts over to our Teepee to the 16 girls who slept their overnight. Under a ceiling of dazzling stars, they learned how to build a fire and pitch a tent – and savor s’mores. The Teepee trip was supervised by our awesome Tripping Coordinator Cole, and three counselors.

    My breathlessness continued as yesterday was one of our all-time packed “Full Speed Ahead” camp traditions, Olympic Day. 

    Four teams, named after popular bands of yesterday that still rock today, competed in dozens of ground and sports and games, from a Triathlon to gymnastics to a basketball tournaments. Even the counselors assigned to the teams, named The Beatles, Queen, The Grateful Dead and The Rolling Stones, challenged each other in a dodgeball tournament and relay race.

    At the end of a day of non-stop movement and healthy competition, mirroring the spirit of the real Olympics, The Rolling Stones team was crowned champions with the most points -- though it was the girls on the team Queen that wore tiaras.

     And today is turning out to be just as action-packed, A large group of our girls just set out with our skilled outdoorsman Cole on an overnight canoe trip on the Manitowish River. Tonight, is our first ever Agawak bake-off, with girls in the Outdoor Cooking activity busy in the kitchen now perfecting their recipes and culinary talents. The judges representing members of our Administration team will munch happily on all the contestants’ offerings to choose the most delicious.

    I know that the high-decibel energy of camp I am witnessing at the start of the week is just going to ramp up as the week progresses. Because YOU parents are about to arrive for Visiting Day,. This, and the First Session girls who are leaving us are determined to pack it all in, Full Speed Ahead, before they will board the buses home on Friday.

    We will miss our departing girls so much, and cannot wait to have them to return back for more breathless days and nights next summer!