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Camp's Amazing!

Camp Director


We had a fabulous first day of activities with nothing but blue skies above. Blue Lake was pure glass. We skied over 140 campers... many for the first time. A 22 northern was caught in our fishing class by Noa in cabin 13. Allison in cabin 1 climbed to the top of the Tango Tower and flew through the air smiling all the way down the zip-line. Campers made protein power bites in indoor cooking and our dance class is preparing for the annual 4th of July parade. This year, campers will perform to the song Dancing Queen. 

Our second oldest age group is currently practicing their canoeing skills for their annual  PA trip which leaves this Friday for the Namekogan River. It's a chance for the entire age group to come together on a 2-night overnight camping and canoe trip. This afternoon, I asked several campers what has been the best thing about camp so far and it's the special friendships they are making and the fun activities like tubing, skiing, sailing, and climbing that gets mentioned most often. Oh yeah, the food too!

Everyone is smiling, the Agawak spirit is alive and well around camp and we're pumped for the evening program called Gold-rush! Gold-rush is a camp favorite where campers dress up in fun costumes and search the grounds for a hidden treasure filled with Agawak dollars. Camp is a reminder that you’re never too old and never too cool to dress up.

Agawak is such a special place because of the people here. From the counselors to the health center to the office and support staff, Agawak is filled with amazing people who are passionate about what they’re doing. Most importantly, everyone has the same goal of giving our campers the best summer possible.  

It's going to be an unforgettable summer on the shores of Blue Lake. We are ecstatic for another activity day tomorrow and look forward to Ducky's homemade french toast in the morning.

Smile-on and full speed ahead,