Summer Camp Blog

A day in the life of Agawak by Mary

Camp Director


Friday has been one of those Agawak days that I wish would never end. The sky is flawless, and our week-long heat wave has been cooled by a day of rain. Your children are everywhere in 74-degree, low-humidity weather, smiling in the sunshine, active and embraced by the flurry of summer camp life.


It would take a 50-page magazine to fully describe the 50 activities we offer at Agawak. Instead, here is a sample overview of a day in the life of your campers. I am always impressed how much our girls can pack into one day!


There are six activity periods, three before lunch and three after rest hour. Each Sunday afternoon we have a sign-up session for the girls to choose the schedule they would like for that week. Some cabins prefer to sign up as a group, though we also see many girls pairing with friends with whom they don’t share a bunk with.  An activity is often populated with girls of all ages, which builds community and the older girls get to develop their mentorship skills.


When I walked around camp today I started at tennis where the courts were filled with fast-paced matches. Laughter erupted loudly from the nearby Tramp-Ball, coming from bouncing girls, their ponytails flying. Next, I sat with the girls at picnic tables as they wrote their articles for Agalog, to be read at the Sunday campfire. The Agalog theme this week is “Friendship” and after 30 years as camp director, it fills me with joy to know that these camp friendships can last a lifetime.


A dozen girls whizzed by on mountain bikes heading out of camp on the dusty trail. Walking toward the waterfront, I had to stop and catch my breath at the spectacle of our glistening Blue Lake. Campers were everywhere -- in kayaks, sailboats, on paddle boards, swimming to the water-trampoline, skiing in tandem on slalom skis.


The Upper Field was as lively as the waterfront with campers ascending the Tango Tower, cheering each other on. I love the way the girls support each other in their activities and literally push each other to new heights every day!


This is only a snapshot of a typical day at Agawak. It’s no mystery why Ducky’s cooking is greatly appreciated and always devoured. Lunch was a huge hit – chicken breast sandwiches and pasta salad, and I saw mounds of greens and vegetables on plates from the heaping salad bar.


So, when you ask me “What do the girls do in a day?” Let’s just say we keep them very busy and engaged. In our towering pine forest, activity and laughter abounds, as girls zoom full speed ahead in a diverse schedule of activities. They may start the morning making candles and end the day on the pontoon boat, catching rock bass, perch and bluegills – which we catch and release.

          Can’t wait for you to see the action for yourselves on Visiting Day!