Summer Camp Blog

First Day!

Camp Director

The sun is shining and happy campers are floating on cloud nine. Our first afternoon was spent tubing Blue Lake, unpacking, meeting new cabinmates and hugging old friends. Campers plunged into the water for swim tests eager to pass and are looking forward to tonight's annual staff show. 

After spaghetti dinner, our oldest campers, CIT's, will be assigned a cabin group for the first session while our AMAZING counselors sneak in one final staff show practice. The CIT's will lead songs at campfire until the silver bell rings for us to head to Happy Camper Hall for the BIG SHOW!


Tomorrow, campers will sign-up for their first series of activities and we will spend the day playing on Blue Lake and wrap up with our "red tape" items which will send us FULL SPEED AHEAD into Agawak's 98th summer. I hear laughter and constant chatter outside my window. All I see is happy smiling faces. Camp is ALIVE once again. 

Smile on,