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Gonzo Relay!

Camp Director

The clock is winding down. Wait we just got here!! That’s how fast camp goes. We are now in week 7 with so much more to come. The past two days have been an unbelievably fun Final Four competition. Our famous Gonzo Relay will be played this morning followed by an afternoon of full activities. 


Last night, we played Capture the Flag.... Final Four style. As junior teams competed against one another up on the upper athletic field, the intermediates and seniors had spirited games on our new lower athletic field. Several rounds were played between Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force. Campers were running at warp speed all over the place and excitement was in the air. 


Capture the flag is an outdoor game where two teams try and capture the other teams flag from the team’s base and bring it safely back to their own base. It is believed that the game finds its origins on the battlefield and can be traced back to the Civil War. Soldiers knew when the war was over when the enemy’s flag was captured. It’s an incredibly fun game to play and a landslide camp favorite. 


The other day, I asked a few of our camper what they learned this summer. Here’s what they shared. 


* I learned even when you are having a bad day you have to step back and appreciate the amazing things at camp.


* I learned to make a better bed.


* I learned I should not make little things sound like a big deal. and not to overreact. 


• I learned if you are kind people will help you when and where you need them. 


* I can do things I didn’t think I could. 


* I learned when you have the choice of being nice or kind choose kind.  There’s a difference. 


* I learned you should stick up for people and be kind to them no matter what even if you don’t know them or they aren’t in your cabin. 


* I learned you should try new things like water skiing because you can’t do it all year around and it’s also super fun. 


* I learned you have to be patient even with the people you love most at camp.


* I learned you should be a good friend to people even if you don’t know them well. 


* I learned with teamwork you can do anything.


* I learned it doesn’t matter what type of brand clothes you have you will always fit in at Agawak. 


* I learned camp friends are always there for you and are basically like family. 


* I learn friendship can be very strong and I am lucky to have such wonderful camp friends.


* I learned I am strong and I can get over being homesick. 


* I learned I could live without my cell phone.


* I learned it’s hard to canoe when your paddle falls in the water.


* I learned to like hobo hash. 


* I learned about being a leader and caring for others feels better and is more important than focusing on yourself. 


* I learned that taking on more leadership not only impacts others around you, but improves your own skills.


There is so much growth that occurs each summer in every camper and counselor.  They will return home to you with a newfound sense of independence and confidence. While it’s always a little bittersweet to watch your children grow up quickly I am grateful to be a part of their growing process.  All of us here love seeing how much they flourish and mature each summer at Agawak. 


Smile on,