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It doesn't get much better

Camp Director


It’s been a very sunny and hot week on the shores of Blue Lake and the weather ahead this week continues to look spectacular. It’s hard to believe we’ll be saying good-bye to our first session friends this Friday. Summer is speeding by too quickly.


The Olympic Flag flew high outside my office window today. Our O-Day commissioners, Amanda Amiel and Morgan Paul were running all over the grounds organizing a fun Olympic Day experience for all of us. The entire camp was placed on 4 teams and competed throughout the day and evening. It was all about the chocolate this year! Team Kit-Kat, Crunch, Twix and Hersey were dressed to impress! Every team participated in opening ceremonies and wore their team colors. They created a cheer and put on a quick skit for the judges.  Our annual circle relays up on the upper athletic field proved to be entertaining. Some very strong runners emerged and it was great to hear the encouragement coming from the crowd. Crunch took the win for the juniors while Kit Kat came in a close second followed by Hershey and Twix. After lots of energy was expended we headed to the waterfront to complete our morning with tug of war and snuck in a lake dip before lunch.


The afternoon was packed tight with skiing, red girl relay, dodgeball and a slew of other fun activities. One of the things I love most about Olympic Day is when I hear team members encouraging and cheering each other on. I love all the positive energy too!!


After dinner, campers spent the night exploring camp and running around in groups trying to complete various tasks as fast as they possibly could. When each task was completed a letter was awarded. The first team to collect all eight letters in the word COMMANDO won the game. It was team Twix that proudly claimed first place.


Tomorrow we will rise early for the lake swim. It’s a tradition that has lasted for almost 100 years. Campers and counselors will swim across Blue Lake and cross into the swim area and hear cheers coming from shore. Hot chocolate will be waiting for them along with camp hugs.


We will continue our day going full speed ahead into activities and our night will end with a robust game of capture the flag on our new lower athletic field. Capture the flag is a camp classic which everyone has eagerly been waiting included!