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Here Mary's Note from the June Newsletter.   Click HERE for the full Agazine


Ah Agawak, with all its beautiful sights and sounds ...shining stars on a clear night, the whistle of the wind in the tall pines, the splashing of campers jumping into Blue Lake, and the ringing of the antique silver bell. One thing you won't hear is the ring tone of your cell phone. 

A summer at Agawak means your electronic free! Depending on how technology dependent your camper is, that's either great news or cause for concern.  Don't worry even if they miss checking Instagram every five seconds they'll actually be benefiting from a little "me time". After all, countless studies have shown that constant social media and internet exposure can have negative effects on such things as concentration, memory and even your basic happiness.

Agawak offers you a chance to let go of the bad habit of being on your electronic device. When you can't look at your phone or be devoured by some other electronic gadget, you'll find yourself making real connections with the people around you at camp. Social media can be great and there's a time and place for it but, you'll be surprised at how great you actually feel when you take a little time out from your cell phone and electronics. So remember to leave your cell phones and anything else electronic behind this summer. I promise you'll  enjoy sharing your thoughts and happy moments at camp more in person then you will on any Instagram or Facebook page. 

BIG camp HUGS, Mary