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October 2017

Camp Director

Directors Note

As we settle back into the “real world”, I can’t help but reflect on the incredible memories made this summer and the growth our campers experienced.

Our campers learn a lot of different skills they never would have experienced if they had stayed at home. They learned how to sail and fish. They learned how to ski and cook over an open fire. They learned some pretty nutty songs that are now stuck in their heads. They learned how to find their way around camp and to and from each activity. They learned to stand on their own two feet and make decisions for themselves without parental supervision. Campers learn something new every single day.

The most important things they learn at camp are not skill based but more character based. They learn how to interact with different people. They learn the importance of having true friends and they learn how to become a better friend themselves. They learn how to live in close proximity with others and how to respect others personal space. They learn to be more flexible and they learn that everyone’s opinion matters not just their own. They learn they can successfully function without a cell phone and that not everything fun involves a screen. They learn that important connections are made when they talk with others. Simply put, they learn a lot!

The many things they learn at camp helps set them up for better relationships and gives them more confidence in other social settings which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives!

While we will cherish the summer of 2017, we are already planning great things for the summer of 2018. Hit the books, stay active, and go out of your way to be kinder than normal to those you meet. Only 257 days until the summer of 2018!!

Agawak  Hugs


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