Summer Camp Blog

As the Summer Comes to an End...

Camp Director

All of us at Camp Agawak hope you’ll notice positive changes in your daughter when she returns from camp.  We are grateful you have chosen Camp Agawak for a key part of your child’s development and growth.  We greatly value this partnership and look forward to continued opportunities to help your child grow in positive ways.

The end of camp marks the end of summer, a season of fun, friendship and growth. I hope our campers and staff take the warmth and love of Agawak with them and it serves as fuel for a happy, healthy and productive year.

The friends they made at Agawak will be connected to them for the rest of their lives. I saw incredible growth in each camper and staff. The autonomy they gained was significant. I hope they will always remember the fun, care-free times and lessons learned. I hope they remember Agawak will always be their second home.

Thank you to everyone for an exceptional summer.  Even though we have to say goodbye, it is never really goodbye. The experience of camp is not seasonal; it is a soul-deep experience that will carry us through the coming weeks, months and years to come.   

Smile on,