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Camp Director

Rain came in on Wednesday but it didn’t spoil our fun.  Our friends over at Camp Kawaga joined us for a fun afternoon of indoor activities and dancing.  Our very own counselor Shannon Gentle, from London, was chosen to be the lovely bachelorette. Kawaga campers were chosen as bachelors and took the stage to help entertain us. It was a funny and very entertaining way to spend a rainy afternoon. The final Rose went to Kawaga camper Will. 


We had one of the greatest finishes to the Blue and White game “Top of Agawak Mountain” in history. This challenging Blue and White game demands athleticism, teamwork, cooperation and determination. It’s a giant 2-hour relay with one team taking the lead then the other team forging ahead! Blue Team looked like they were going to capture the win. They reached the tango tower first, climbed up, shouted to their team below to start building their fire while the White Team was beginning their climb.  Which team would assembly their fire and burn through the rope the quickest?  At one point, both teams were simultaneously working on their fire. The White Teams fire gained momentum quicker giving them the victory. Cheers echoed across Blue Lake. It was an unbelievable effort by every single camper who participated. Hats off to the CIT’s for never giving up right to the very end. 



Today, the temperatures dropped. It felt more like fall but we pushed through with all our water and land activities.  As we approach the last days of camp, our CITS are becoming increasingly aware that their camper days are coming to an end. As they prepare their CIT farewell song and put the final touches on their closing Blue and White songs they are reflecting on their camp years. 


For our oldest campers, farewell to summer means farewell forever to their years as campers. Even though a significant number of former campers return to Agawak as staff members the experiences they gain as campers are unique and help form them into who they are.  Older campers come away from camp having attained life skills that give them a distinct advantage as they move through their high school years and college becomes a focus. Older campers come away from camp as leaders. Whether they have lead fellow campers in an activity or helped mentor and lead younger campers...leadership is a quality that is promoted and embraced at camp. They have learned to juggle multiple commitments and have learned to co-habitat daily with others.  They have had to put others before themselves. Our wonderful CIT’s, who will say goodbye to camp, at the conclusion of the summer, are bringing home far more than fun memories of a place where they spent their childhood summers. They’re bringing away experiences that translate into life far beyond camp. 


Although it’s almost over...everyone here including the CIT’s know that there is still precious time left to cherish.  We will savor every single moment that’s remaining.