Summer Camp Blog

What a week

Camp Director

What a whirlwind week it has been at Agawak. Friday morning we were able to squeeze in activities before a shower doused us in the pm. With rain overhead, we headed to Happy Camper Hall for a fun game of Agawak Feud. Campers were able to earn Agawak dollars for their cabin by answering certain survey questions. Cabins competed against one another and Agawak dollars were added to the scoreboard. Cabins will use their Agawak dollars to bid on auction prizes ranging from a movie with Bill and Mary to dinner in Torpy Park. We even threw in a few cabin trips to Briqs Ice Cream just down the road. 


Over 40 campers bright and early ran the Mary Mile Saturday morning. Colorado camper, Madison, came home with the overall Agawak runner award. It was a fun run for all and everyone enjoyed the bagels in Torphy Park. 


Campers have been waiting all summer to play Goldrush and their wish came true on Saturday afternoon. Campers were dressed in bright fluorescent colors as they searched for the hidden treasure throughout camp. It was a sea of campers running left and right, up and down camp paths trying to locate the real treasure map which would lead to the treasure. It was the CITS who worked together and uncovered the treasure filled with Agawak dollars. A note announcing a fake social with Ojibwa was also inside the treasure. The look on everyone's face was priceless. Confusion quickly set in and before too long we shifted gears and announced it was actually time to play our historic Blue and White Treasure Hunt. The crowd went WILD!!! Campers and staff ran to their cabins to pack their books, coloring books and word searches for the long night ahead. All night long, it was nip and tuck. Neither team took a significant lead during the night until clue number 30. With a total of 35 clues, the game was up for grabs up until that point. Then, in the blink of an eye, the White Team pulled ahead. The rest is history. Our Blue and White Commissioners (Isaacson, Levitan, and Fisher) did a superb job orchestrating this summers Treasure Hunt and all the Blue and White Games of 2018!! 


We only have 3 more days together until we say goodbye to our camp friends. It's a day no one looks forward to. We are reminded that school and city life are right around the bend.  Monday will be a full activity day with an awards night. With lots of tubing, packing, the lake swim, staff banquet, last campfire, closing Blue and White ceremonies and more we still have much to accomplish.