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My head is spinning from the level of activity which has taken place in the last 72 hours.  Final Four Gonzo Relay ended in a close finish.  Boulder came out on top with Arizona and Texas neck and neck followed by Maryland. The tug of war was won by Arizona, Boulder came in second followed by Texas and Maryland. The overall win went to Boulder and they will grace the Final Four trophy.  Maryland and Arizona came next (with only a 7 point differential) followed by Texas. 

We had one of the closest finishes in Agawak history as campers raced to the Top of Agawak Mountain. It was a back and forth battle between Blue and White.  With Ruby and Kyle climbing for their respective teams, it was the Blue Team that lit their fire first.  Once Lily Emalfarb struck her match the White team's flame rose quickly and both teams ropes were burning side by side. Blue Team's rope gave way 45 seconds before the White Team's rope fell. It was a heroic effort by both the White and Blue Team. 

Last night, Blue and White Commissioners (Julia Spathis, Sarah Mossler and Jacqui Levitan) lead and organized an outstanding treasure hunt. Nicki Kleifield and Emily Saturno were commanding chiefs dressed in blue and white.  Blue took the lead, then White took the lead, then Blue took the lead, then White was on top. This pattern continued all night long. It was back-and-forth until the wee hours of the morning. At 5 am, the treasure was finally discovered by the Blue Team. It was a mighty hunt!! What a night!

Tomorrow morning, we will rise early for our traditional lake swim. Over 100 swimmers will plunge into Blue Lake for our last lake swim of 2017....the largest number in history.

We are all very sad and are dreading our reality of summer coming to a fast close. I wish all of you could hear the singing that takes place the last few days of camp. I can't mention words like "packing" or "home" because when I do, I am stopped in my tracks and deafening rounds of "We don't wanna go home" take over the lodge. Camp is happy, so very happy. I couldn't be more pleased with how the summer has gone. I'm proud of my campers and I'm equally, if not more proud, of my staff. The job they do is a tough one day in and day out. I'm not sure any of my parents would sign up for a giant slumber party for 24 hours a day for eight straight weeks. Hats off to the staff of 2017!!!

All of us are looking forward to bedtime after the long hunt last night, especially the CIT's and our commissioners.  Soon your camper will be home. Enjoy the quieter moments while they last.

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