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Mela Baldan

Mela Baldan is a fun and energetic character, that loves being active. Mela studied ballet and contemporary dance for 15 years where she competed in international competitions. Mela is currently studying to become a Primary School (elementary school) teacher at the Australian Catholic University. Caring and nurturing are strong characteristics of Mela’s, she hopes to pass on her confidence into other young woman around the world. “Strength and belief, will always get you through” is one of Mela’s favorite quotes to go by, it reminds her that the bullies are not worth her energy. Mela look forward to meeting all the campers and experiencing Agawak fro the first time! 

Abby Barnes

Abby is excited to be joining Camp Agawak for the first time this year! Hailing from Sydney Australia, Abby has a bachelor degree in Marketing and is taking a break of the office life to be outdoors and by the water with the campers! In Australia she is a Girl Guide leader and loves reading, swimming, traveling and most of all chocolate!