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Taylor B.

Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Bondy and this will be my 9th summer at camp! Next fall, I will be a Senior at Highland Park High School. When I am not in my favorite place on Earth, I love to hangout with friends and dance. This summer you can find me dancing up and down the Black Path, hanging out on Blue Lake, and cheering on campers during Blue and White! I am so incredibly excited to be on staff this year and I especially am excited to meet you all. I can’t wait until we’re all back together and I am counting down the days!

Amanda B.

Hi! I’m Amanda and I’m from Northbrook, IL. I can’t wait to spend my 10th summer (and first on staff) at Camp Agawak!! I love camp and can’t wait to be a counselor!! In the Fall, I will be a senior at Glenbrook North High School. During the school year, I am a cheerleader for my high school. During the summers you can find me on the waterfront, swimming and skiing all day! I am so excited to be back on blue lake cheering for the white team and meeting all the new campers!!!

Madilyn Brown

I am 22 years old and studing for a Bachelor of Secondary Education and a Bachelor of Recreation Outdoor Environmental Studies, ultimately leading to me being a high school sport teacher. I was born and raised in Queensland Australia, which has afforded me many great adventures, from camping on the beach, to competing and volunteering for my local surf club. I am so excited to begin camp and experience something so different from what we have in Australia! 

Farah Baria

Hey Im Farah, but most my friends call me faz or fazzy. This is my first summer at Camp Agawak  which makes it all the more fun and exciting. You’ll find me down at the tango tower and also candle making, which I am super super excited about! *FUN FACT ALERT* IM A PROFESSIONAL HAIRDRESSER AND MAKEUP ARTIST. One of the many reasons why I am super pumped for camp this year is being an instructor on the tango tower, reasons being is when I was younger I used to be scared of heights but I had one instructor that took the time to guide me through that fear and being able to over-come was the best feeling.I LOVED going to school, learning new things and having fun with friends, but I think the main reason why was because of my teachers they made it that fun environment to learn new things but they also created the best atmosphere that made you feel comfortable to be express yourself and just have fun learning.That is definitely one thing that I am going to try and create at camp this year. 

*FUN FACT ALERT* MY INITIALS SPELL OUT ‘F-A-B’. I'm so so excited for camp this summer to meet you all and get to know you and have the best summer ever!! 



Marley Berk

Hi!! My names Marley Berk and I’m currently finishing my freshman year at the University of Maryland where I study Government and Politics! This is going to be my eleventh summer and my third year on staff and I couldn’t be more excited to be spending another summer in my favorite place on earth!! I am excited to say that I will be a Blue and White Commissioner this year!! Counting down the days until we’re back on blue lake!!!