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Josue C.

Hi I'm Josue Rogelio Canedo Rosas.  I'm 20 years old and live in the city of Orizaba. I'm studying mechanical engineering and languages.  Since I was young I have helped in my family taco restaurant.  I am extremely active and love to do a variety of sports, swimming, basketball, volleyball, cycling, crossfit and tennis.  Fun fact: I was a swimming champion in my city!  Every Friday I ride in a bicycle journey to raise awareness about caring for the environment. Looking forward to a great summer!

Catriona C.

Hi, my name is Cat and I am from a small town just outside of London, called Amersham. I have just completed secondary education and am looking forward to enjoying a long summer at camp experiencing new surroundings. Knitting and netball are two of my favourite hobbies and I am excited to help with tennis and outside cooking when I get to camp. After camp I am studying International Business at Nottingham Trent University and I hope to do a lot more traveling in the future.

Jennifer C.

Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer, I’m 19 years old and from rainy Scotland. This will be my very first summer at Camp Agawak and I can’t wait to meet everyone and explore beautiful Wisconsin. I’m from a small town called Dumbarton near Glasgow and currently study French and Italian at Glasgow University. This year I’ll be coaching gymnastics at camp. I work as a gymnastics coach back home and love the sport. I’ve always dreamed of travelling to America and I’m beyond excited to join the Agawak family and make lifelong memories.

Harley C.

Hi! My name is Harley Cohen. Next fall I will be a senior at Highland Park High School. This is going to be my 9th summer at Camp Agawak! In my free time, I love to run and spend time with my friends and family. At camp, you can find me spending time at the waterfront! I can’t wait to return to my favorite place and meet all of the campers!!!

Maddie C.

Hey! My name is Maddie Chalmers and this will be my 9th summer at camp Agawak and my first year on staff! Next fall I will be a senior at Deerfield High School. I love to hang out with me friends, spending time with my family, and dancing. When I’m at camp you can find me hanging by Blue Lake, dancing, and spending time with my campers and camp friends. I’m so excited to be back at my favorite place for summer 2020!

Kelly C.

I’m Kelly Christianson and I will be leading ceramics at camp! I live in Minocqua, WI and have been an art teacher at Minocqua J1 School for 6 years.  When I’m not at camp, or school, you can probably find me outdoors.  I love to bike, run, kayak, paddle board, garden, and travel.  I’m also busy planning my wedding as I am getting married January 30th, 2021 to my fiancé Josh.  I’m so excited for my 3rd summer at Agawak and I can’t wait to see all of the smiling, energetic faces!

Jamilla C.

My name is Jamilla but most people call me Jam. I'm 22 years old and come from Brisbane, Australia. I am about to finish a double degree in law and finance and I will be spending my first summer at Agawak just a few days after I graduate! My hobbies include keeping active, whether it be pilates or boxing, cooking and travelling. I love trying new things and can't wait to immerse myself in the camp culture.