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Morgan P.

Hi everyone! My name is Morgan Paull and I will be a senior at Glenbrook North High School in the fall!! This will be my ninth summer at Agawak and my first year as a counselor! At camp you will find me cooking, jogging, and walking around all of Agawak. I can't wait to meet you all and to be back at Blue Lake! Go white! 

Shanae P.

HI!  I am 20 years old and thoroughly enjoying life. I am currently living in Victoria, Australia. I have an amazing family of 7. I live for my family and friends and adore spending quality time with them.
Camping and exploring the outdoors is forever in my favourite interest. Discovering new places and embracing myself with culture.   SPORTS! I love keeping active and energetic.  Currently working as a lifeguard at a local pool is something I take much pride in. My passion for lifeguarding continues to grow more and more. A beach, a river, a pool, a waterfall, anywhere with water is where you will find me. Hanging and planning adventures with my amazing family and friends. And of course I LOVE A CHALLENGE!
I'm so excited for my first year at camp and look forward to meeting you all xx

Sophie P.

Hi guys! My name is Sophie, I am from Tucson, Arizona and this will be my 10th summer at camp, and my second summer on staff! In the fall, I plan on attending Northern Arizona University which is located in Flagstaff, Arizona!! Minocqua is a beautiful place to get away from the hot summers in Arizona! I love camp because its a place where I can try new things and surround myself with amazing people. This summer you will find me in the lodge singing and dancing, in the office working on the yearbook, or down at the ski docs! I can't wait to meet you all!!! Go white!

Charlotte P.

Hi Campers! This will be my 4th summer on staff at camp and I could not be more excited! The past 3 years I have been mostly in the mail room & camp store, but this summer you can find me in the office. I am from Middleton, WI and will be a sophomore at UW-Madison in the fall double majoring in Psychology and Human Development & Family Studies. I am the vice president of Min- Aqua Bats Water Ski Club so make sure to look for me in the shows and come say hi! Let's make summer 2017 a great one :) 

Erana P.

HEY GUYS!!! I’m Erana Parker, and this will be my fourth summer at camp. I’m 22 from Melbourne, Australia! When I’m not over at camp I’m here working as a netball coach for Victoria University. I’m counting down the days till I’m back on the shores of Blue Lake seeing you call come off the bus, See You Soon!!! xxx