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Kristi S.

Hello Everyone! My name is Kristi, and I will be one of the camp nurses this summer. I recently just graduated with my bachelor's degree in nursing from Concordia University Wisconsin. I plan on moving to Minnesota after graduation to work at the Mayo Clinic on a surgical floor. I have worked on a long term/rehab facility as a CNA for the past 3 years while I was in school, and loved my job. I grew up on my families dairy farm in Clintonville Wisconsin, which is about 2 hours south from camp. I love all animals, but my choice of animals growing up were horses and rabbits. I took care of all the sick animals growing up which inspired me to become a nurse. I have attended a few different camps growing up, but this is the first time I will be part of the staff. I look forward to meeting everyone this summer!

Mezli S.

Hello everyone! My name is Mezli and I'm 20 years old. I study international trade two hours from my home in Tlaxcala, which is the smallest state in my country. When I have time, I enjoy watching playing videogames, reading novels and going to the gym.

Ron S.

Hi! My name is Ron Schmidig. My wife, son and I are California transplants and we have lived in the Northwoods for 5 years. I have been an educator for over 20 years.  My hobbies include ice and open water fishing, hunting and trap shooting at our local trapp shooting club. I also enjoy growing Asiatic lilies and house plants. 

Mads S.

Hey, I’m Mads and this will be my third summer as a counselor at Agawak. Melbourne, Australia is my home and I’m studying to be a primary teacher at university. I’ve been working at a trampoline park since coming back from camp last year and love running birthday parties there for lots of kids!  I can’t wait to be back at camp, swimming in Blue Lake, hanging with my campers and spending activity days at the tango tower!! See you all really soon!

Kristina S.

Hi everyone! My name is Kristina Shi, and I am super excited for my eighth summer at Agawak! I'm currently a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Biology and Psychology. At home, I love reading, spending time with friends, and playing the piano and the guitar. At camp, you can find me at archery or up at the Tango Tower. One of my favorite evening programs is Blue and White. I can't wait for the start of summer and to see the smiling faces of all the campers again!!

Christina S.

I grew up in small mountain town in Marion, Virginia-Mt Dew was invented there. I spent my childhood hiking the Appalachian trails and exploring the numerous state parks and national forest land. After graduating high school, I enlisted in the United States Air Force where I served 4 years as a member of the Security Forces, otherwise known as the Military Police. I got my Top Secret Security Clearance, traveled the world and met my husband. I was honorably discharged for completing my enlistment in 2002 and then pursued my college education in Nursing, graduating in 2006. My background includes Medical-Surgical, Nursery/Post-Partum, Mental Health/Foster Care Services, Pre Op,/OR /Recovery Room. Now, I am an Elementary School Nurse. I live in Frisco, TX with my husband, two girls and our dog, Whiskey. We enjoy spending time hanging out in our backyard on the patio, splashing in the pool, riding our bikes exploring parks and trails, seeing movies and spending time with our family and friends. To de-stress, nothing beats a good book and a beautiful sky line.

Ilana S.

Hi!! My name is Ilana Spitz and this will be my 11th summer at camp and 3rd on staff. I just completed my freshman year at Tulane University. I cannot wait for another unbelievable summer on the shores of Blue Lake! This year, I will take on the role as one of the Blue and White Commissioners. You’ll see me on the ski docks, running in one out one, and hanging out with campers! See you all so soon!!!

Melanie S.

Hi! My name is Melanie Small, and this will be my 9th summer at camp and 1st summer on staff. I will be a senior at Highland Park High School this upcoming school year. I am so excited for another summer and to meet all of the new counselors and campers!. I love to play tennis in the fall at school and soccer in the spring! At camp my favorite things are water skiing, swimming in blue lake, or playing tennis on the courts!! See you all sooo soon! Can't wait!!!

Avery S.

My name is Avery Sherwood, and this will be my 9th summer at camp and 1st summer on staff. I am currently a Junior at Deerfield High School and will be a senior this upcoming year. Outside of school I love to dance, listen to music, and hang out with my friends. This summer you can find me biking, hanging out on blue lake, and skiing! I am so excited for another summer at my favorite place and to meet all the new campers! Counting down the days!

Claudia S.

My name is Claudia Siegel, I am 17 years old and this will be my 9th year spending my summer at Camp Agawak. My mom, my 2 sisters and I all share a love for the most beautiful place on Earth.  I love to play tennis and spend anytime I can in Blue Lake. I live in Carmel, IN, and I attend a small private college prepatory school that teaches kids Kindergarten through 12th grade. During the school year, I work at the aftercare program watching kids for a few hours of the day.