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Entering week two

Camp Director

Good evening from Blue Lake!


Laughter and smiles fill the black path as I look out the office window this evening. Campers have enjoyed activities and strengthened bonds with their cabinmates as we enter week two! The days are already zooming by within the blink of an eye! 


Sunday night, we enjoyed our first campfire of the season. Blue lake was as calm as can be with a beautiful sunset. Song books were shared in learning the traditions of campfire. These are the songs that campers will remember forever! Counselors hugged their campers close as we entered the quiet part of the campfire. One of the biggest honors at Agawak is becoming a campfire girl! Campfire girls are chosen based on their embodiment of all that Agawak stands for! Attitude, grit, appreciation, wonder, acceptance, and kindness. The campfire girls this past Sunday were Poppy Gordon, Violet Resnick, Maya Karlov, Riley Sauer, and Madilyn Brown. 


Activities were in full swing on Monday. From the basketball to the tennis courts, to the top of the tango tower to the ski docks, campers were grinning from ear to ear. The night ended with a camp favorite. The coolest club came to town… Club Agawak! Bizar Entertainment traveled all the way from Chicago to enjoy a night of dancing and singing on our basketball courts. Campers dressed up in an enchanted theme and covered themselves in glitter! 


After dancing the night away, we had another full day of activities on Tuesday! Unfortunately, the rain did not stay away Tuesday afternoon. We shifted quickly to a cabin songorama. Campers created their own lyrics to popular songs with the theme of Agawak. It was so fun listening to the creative lyrics. The winning cabins from each division were Oakwood, Cedarwood, and Cabin 5. In the evening, our Blue & White commissioners led a fun program of Water Wars! Each camper was assigned a different camper from their opposing team. They ran around all of camp with super soakers trying to catch their opponent.


Each day is jam-packed with something exciting. We are already halfway through the week and there has been so much happening. Today, campers participated in Agawak’s first World Cup. Cabins chose a country to represent themselves as they moved around camp through different activities. From kayak relays, to neukum, to ultimate frisbee, campers were challenged against different cabins in their age group. The winner received Agawak dollars!   


The night is winding down as I hear the bell ringing. Our evening program, Counselor Hunt, has just wrapped up. Counselors were worth different points as they found a place to hide out around camp. Cabins searched ferociously to collect the most points and earn Agawak dollars. 


The rest of the week lies ahead as we prepare for the wonderful 4th of July. 


Smile on, 

Kiley Isaacson