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A week of fun!

Camp Director

We are off to the start of a great summer on Blue Lake. The past several days have flown by way too quickly but not without creating some incredible moments together. Overall, the weather has been cooperating allowing campers the opportunity to explore new activities while making new friends with other campers from different cabins. With our 2nd round of negative COVID testing completed, I'm thrilled to report campers have signed up for their first series of activities and have been mixing during activities and going FULL SPEED AHEAD for the past 2 days enjoying their favorite camp activities.  Agawak is truly full of cheer and genuine happiness. Campers are happy to be back at their happy place!

During the past week our Blue & White commissioners led a wonderful night of Water Wars and a fun-filled day of Big Games. Campers showed true sportsmanship while playing their hearts out in games of dodgeball, tennis, basketball, soccer, newcomb, and gaga ball.  We kicked off Lip Syncs & cheers rang out as we announced our 2021 lip- sync songs.  Groups were given out and practice has begun for the July 14th performance. 

I hope you spotted the pictures of Tuesday night’s Gold Rush. Campers were decked out in neon and crazy outfits. A few cabins even dressed up their counselors. Colorful tutus roamed the camp as our girls hunted for the hidden treasure. They did their best trying to dodge the cowboys and aliens chasing them around. Cabin groups earned Agawak Dollars; however, the win went to the CIT’s who found the treasure.

A camp director’s life is dictated a lot by the weather, and we feel very confident that it’s on our side for the upcoming holiday weekend. Temperatures are expected to hover around 83 degrees this weekend. It has the makings of a fine 4th of July!  For the first time in Agawak’s history, Minocqua’s local water skiing team, the Min-aqua Bats kicked off our 4th of July weekend with a private show for our girls right here on Blue Lake. Campers enjoyed snow cones and cotton candy as they cheered on the acts - 8-person barefoot run, pyramid, trick skiing (by our very own Bill Furhmann), juggling and more. We are thankful that we can bring a bit of Minocqua tradition to our campers this holiday weekend. 

Tonight we celebrate Agawak’s big birthday bash with Bizar Entertainment from Chicago. Happy Camper hall is LIT up and campers will be dancing their hearts out all night long (until bedtime). We hope the homemade cupcake decoration station won’t send them on too much of a sugar high. 

Another tradition for the 4th has always been for our girls to perform in the Minocqua parade. The parade’s spectators will be disappointed to not see Agawak dancing down Main Street, but our girls will be keeping the tradition alive by performing right here at camp for one another. Even some of their favorite Minocqua treats will be available. Dan’s Minocqua Fudge and Minocqua Popcorn will make an appearance in traditional fourth of July fashion.Keep an eye out for some celebration photos. We have left no stone unturned! Stay tuned for more fun...