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Agawak Update!

Camp Director

The sun is setting earlier, the nights are a bit cooler and we wish we had more time left with one another. Everyday we spend together draws us closer to our camp sisters. The bonds we forge are remarkably strong. We wait ten months for our two months of fun in the woods and we'll continue to sing "We don't wanna go home", when someone mentions the number of days remaining. Campers and staff jumping up and down singing "We don't wanna go home", will always make me smile. Once homesick campers can now understand the special spirit, traditions and sisterhood that exists here. They understand that Agawak is their second home!


Monday morning we jumped out of bed for our final Lake Swim of 2022. Seventy two swimmers plunged into Blue Lake for the 3/4 mile swim. With orange swim caps bobbing up and down alongside canoes and kayaks a few sprinkles filled the air.  Happy swimmers enjoyed hot chocolate on the beach after crossing the finish line. The sense of accomplishment that comes with completing the swim is something all our swimmers should be proud of. Campers of all ages can participate in this long-standing tradition as long as they pass the Lake Swim test. Senior campers Miss Flodin and Miss Shapiro first stepped onto the beach hand-in-hand, followed closely by intermediate camper Miss Kuperberg and Junior camper Miss Segal. I'm sure one day our lake swimmers will be telling fond stories about swimming their way across Blue Lake in misty waters.


After breakfast the sun was shinning and activities galore were in full swing. Tuesday was a morning of activities and an afternoon of light rain made us pivot into cabin lip syncs on stage. At different times, throughout our second session, cabins were given snippets of time to organize and practice their moves. Cabin Y's performance was hysterical. Cabin14 stole the show with tons of applause. In the end, cabins 12, 5 and H scored a win!    


Tonight, the CIT's will host a Birthday Bash for the entire camp and we will also sign-up for our last rotation of activities for the summer. Tomorrow we'll hit the town of Minocqua for sunrise shopping! Everyone is excited for Dan's Minocqua Fudge, Monkey Business, Imaginuity, Minocqua Popcorn, Glik's, Big Foot Donut and much more! Campers will get $ from their spending money account to purchase treats and sweets from town. Town Day lessons of budgeting, making wise choices with their cash and keeping track of their purchases are lessons that transfer over to the real world. Stay tuned for more updates as time allows.


Smile on and full speed ahead!