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Awesome Arrival Day

Camp Director

Smiling faces, massive hugs and boisterous staff cheers greeted the first time and returning campers on arrival day. There’s nothing quite as exciting as coming into camp on the first day of camp and being greeted by a mountain of Agawak spirit and enthusiasm. With an entire summer ahead of us, the opportunities are endless, and an amazing summer of fun and growth awaits all of us.


Our first day of camp was a scorcher! The perfect setting for swim tests and oodles of tubing. I have to admit we have the most experienced boat drivers and ski staff in the north woods. Blue Lake was hopping and bopping today and the high temps made swim tests a breeze. With beautiful scenery, crystal-clear water, and friends galore, there was no better place to be than on the shores of Blue Lake today. 


Campers set up their bunks with the help of their counselors, toured camp, unpacked and spent time at the waterfront before gathering at the flagpole for evening announcements. Last summer's camper of the year, Stella, and counselor of the year, Caroline, proudly raised the flag to kick off our 101th camping season. All our little rookies cheered them on!


Our oldest campers, the CIT's (Counselors In Training) were given their CIT cabins to watch over while the staff had a quick staff show practice. Ducky served up a traditional spaghetti dinner with marinara sauce and meatballs (on the side) before the entire camp headed over to Happy Camper Hall to enjoy the annual staff show. Carly and Harley (Evening Program Coordinators), with guidance from Evening Program Director, Lexi M., showed us a real good time tonight. The counselors, after a long day, sang their hearts out. Once the evening program ended it was back to the cabins for shower time, cabin time and lights out. 


Whether coming from the beaches of sunny Florida, the hills of Hollywood, the busy streets of Chicago or anywhere in between, your camper is going to learn much more about themselves than they did the entire school year. There's just something about the great outdoors, cabin life, nature and camp friendships that brings out the best in all of us. 


Full speed ahead and smile on!

Mary and the Agawak Crew