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At Agawak, each camper has a story to tell.  Each child arrives at camp with a history, a background, baggage (no pun intended), fears, strengths, and perceptions.  As campers begin to integrate with each other, they see how different they all are, but yet how similar they are too.  There is no “us” and “them” at camp.  We are intentional about fostering a generation of includers and givers.  We know that if we want a world full of people who care about each other and who seek out opportunities to make others feel good, we have to start with the kids. My ultimate goal is for each camper to leave camp with stronger character and leave kinder so they become better friends, siblings, students and eventually better adults.  Agawak is safe, Agawak is fun, and Agawak is designed to better the lives of our campers and staff.

I wish each of you a happy holiday season surrounded by those you love.

Camp hugs,  Mary


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