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March / April Agazine

Camp Director

Here is a excerpt from the March/April Agazine.  For the full edition please click  HERE



Camp Agawak is located in some of the most beautiful surroundings in the country. Tucked away amongst towering pine trees, a lake rated top 5 in the state of Wisconsin and acres and acres of untouched forest, Agawak is the definition of natural beauty.  When you're here you're able to connect with nature and leave the pressures of school and home life behind for awhile. 

Being immersed in the beauty of Agawak is a welcome and unique experience. Spending part of your summer unplugged from technology, interacting with others and participating in fun events and games fosters creativity and friendships. Camp friendships are the family we make not the ones we inherit. Anyone who has been a camper knows that camp friends in time become family before you realize it. 

Sure, Agawak has a lot of fun activities, yet when campers reminisce about their camp experience they don't specifically talk about sailing, skiing or Blue and White. No, they talk about that unmistakable mix of friendship, fun activities and lessons learned in a place where they roam freely in wide open spaces surrounded by nature. No matter their background campers will tell you that camp is a life-changing experience. Campers are introduced to life-long friends, given a chance to try all sorts of new things, taught the value of unplugging and being present in the moment. With all that camp has to offer, why wouldn't you count the days until you were able to return? 

Like many of you, I too am counting down the days until we're back together again. See you soon. 

Camp Hugs, Mary :)