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Zoe Diamond

Zoe Diamond is so excited to be back at camp for her 9th summer!! Zoe is currently a junior at Rochelle Zell High School! At home Zoe loves to hang with friends, laugh, and dance! Zoe loves kickboxing as well! Zoe loves camp, but one of her favorite programs is food olympics (because who doesn’t love food!) Zoe also enjoys dancing on top of tables while screaming her lungs out to songs in the lodge, even if there’s no music playing. Zoe is beyond thrilled to be back at camp for her first time on staff and can’t wait to experience it with her new campers!

Ducky D.

Hi, I'm Ducky and this is my 22nd summer here at Agawak.  I have been the head cook longer than any of our campers have been alive! I look forward to another summer of making everyone happy with healthy, delicious food, including all the faves- Pizza, Grilled Cheese on Tuesdays, BBQ Chicken and of course...Pasta Bar!  Can't wait to see you all very soon!