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Gemma Elliot

Gemma couldn’t be more excited to travel from Adelaide, Australia, to spend her first summer at Camp Agawak! She will share her love for the outdoors and being active, when working at the Tango Tower. Being her first major trip away from home, she’ll be sure to bring a jar of Vegemite and favourite chocolate! 

Lily Emalfarb

Lily Emalfarb is beyond eager to be back at Camp Agawak for her ninth summer, and first summer on staff! Lily is finishing up her junior year in high school, and is looking forward to spending her summer on Blue Lake. Lily is excited about returning to such a loving and accepting environment with her sisters, and she can't wait to make new memories! Lily is involved in her high schools Newspaper and Art/Literary magazine, and when not in school, Lily can be found at DePaul University and the Jewish United Fund where she is a Research Training Intern studying both Gender and Women's studies. She loves all forms of art, reading, writing, watching movies, and playing her guitar and singing! She can't wait to be back at Agawak soon!