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Rhiannon Graves

Traveling all the way from Melbourne, Australia, Rhiannon is extremely excited to join Camp Agawak for the first time this year. Being involved in teaching gymnastics and the cycling program as well as being on the waterfront, she can't wait for the amazing summer ahead! Some of her interests are sports, particularly gymnastics, and being active, traveling, reading and she loves to cook, especially anything sweet. Rhiannon is also currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing at Monash University in Melbourne. 

Sydney Garelick

Sydney Garelick is from Chicago, Illinois, and is so excited to be spending her ninth summer at Camp Agawak. Sydney goes to Francis W. Parker school and will be a senior next fall. She loves to spend time at the waterfront, specifally, waterskiing down at the ski docks. She’s always available to help kids learn how to waterski, and has no problem getting in the lake whenever. Sydney enjoys playing field hockey and soccer during the school year and will definitely be open to helping campers improve their skills. Her favorite even program is Blue and White. Sydney is ecstatic to finally be a counselor. She’s obsessed with camp and can’t wait to give campers the same experience she had! Sydney can’t wait for yet another summer at her home away from home!! 

Skye Greene

Skye Greene is currently a junior at Glenbrook North High School In Northbrook, Illinois! This will be her fifth summer at camp Agawak, and first on staff! She has been counting down the days to finally being a counselor since her first day at camp! You can catch her kick-boxing in happy camper or leading a new cheerleading activity!!! She is on varsity cheerleading at GBN and has an internship teaching 2nd grade at Hickory Point Elementary School. At home you can find Skye spending lots of time with her family and friends! Her favorite part about camp is meeting new people and creating unforgettable memories! Her favorite days at camp are waterfront days!! She can’t wait for an unforgettable summer!! 

Chris Garcia - Director of Office Operations

Chris Garcia joined the Agawak crew in 2008 and is a Minocqua native.  After gaining an undergraduate Finance degree from Carroll College in Waukesha, she went on to receive a Masters degree in Administration from University of Whitewater.  Chris thoroughly enjoys the office life of number crunching, report running and day to day operations that go on "behind the scenes".  She works year round at Agawak, but also coaches the local swim club seven months out of the year and the boys high school team.  From time to time, Chris lends a hand to the waterfront giving swim lessons or lifeguarding.  As a mother of four, she also gives out hugs when needed or an extra ear to listen.  Chris lives in Hazelhurst with her husband, Robert and children; Nick, Hanna, Jack and Georgia.