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Tatum Oblonsky

Hi everyone! My name is Tatum Oblonsky and this will be my 10th summer at Agawak! I am currently a senior at Glenbrook North High School and I can not wait to be back on blue lake. You can find me at lacrosse or in cooking at camp and my favorite program at Agawak is blue and white. I can’t wait for another amazing summer and to be back at the best place! Go blue!! 


Nora Ortiz

Hi! I´m Nora Ortiz , I´m 20 years old  and I´m really exited about being at Camp Agawak for first time working as kitchen staff, I love dancing, reading, traveling anywhere and cooking, I´m so exited about share my love for the team work and have an amazing summer, I enjoy spending my free time walking and meeting new places, I can´t wait to see the camp and meet you all! This summer.

Counting the days until I be there.

Lucy Okmin

Lucy Okmin is finishing junior year at Deerfield High School in Deerfield, IL. This will be her 8th summer at camp and her first on staff! At her school, she is apart of the cross country and track team. At camp you can find her eating in the lodge, running in one out one and cheering for the white team!!  She is counting down the days until another summer at the best place, and cannot wait to meet you all !!!