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Jacqui Venteman

Hi Everyone!

I'm Jacqui Venteman from Sydney Australia (everyone at camp calls me Jax). This will be my second year back at camp and I am so excited and pumped to see all the girls! Here in Sydney I am working as a Nanny and Fitness Instructor in a Women's Gym and as it's Summer here I have been spending majority of my spare time down at the beach or lazing by the pool. Throughout the Camp season last year the girls found me at Tennis, Kayaking, Cooking, Riflery and Bike Riding. Fun facts about me - I went to Hawaii on the way home last year and swam with Turtles, one of the greatest days of my life! I love to travel, explore and also I volunteered in Cambodia a couple of years ago which i would love to go back to as well! 

See you all in a few months!!!!  

Love Jax!