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A Day in the Life of Agawak

Camp Director

What do your children do all day at Camp Agawak? My parents
wondered the same thing when I was a camper and counselor here, from
1963-1973. And, they didn’t have great photographs to check daily to find
their kids, and make sure they were busy and smiling:
Although you have all sorts of ways now to check up on your girls,
from texts to cell phones to emails – I can assure all of you this: Your girls
are very busy and smiling, as they travel, arm in arm, from activity to
activity to activity.

I am awestruck by how much they actually do all day, because they
never stop moving – the energy is constant and intense and infectious.
What do they do? Just about everything.

We were blessed with brilliant sun and temperatures hovering around
80 our first week, so it was full speed ahead with all water sports. On any
given day, I looked out on Blue Lake and saw paddle-boarders, water
skiers, kayakers and girls bouncing, with shrills of excitement, on our
Rave. Today, they woke up to a cool morning under a flawless blue sky,
with temperatures peaking at 80 this afternoon.

As I walked the grounds, my heart was full of nostalgia and joy and
thankfulness. I am so grateful that in my 60 years connected to this camp
that Agawak energy is still bursting and alive, spilling out from the lake
onto girls slamming serves on the tennis courts – (where we now have
pickleball!), to campers beading bracelets in Arts & Crafts, doing flips on
the trampolines and writing with me at the picnic tables where we put
together Agalog, the camp magazine where I got my literary start as an
author – decades ago, at the age of 8. Away from the glare of fluorescent

classroom lights, our writers pour out their hearts with pens on lined-
paper, relaxed, and reflective, away from the glare of computer screens.
Today is Sunday, the day of sign-up sessions, when your daughters
have dozens of activities to choose from, as they custom-design their
weekly schedule. Some cabins like to sign up as a group, though at many
activities, like fishing and skiing and Agalog, activities are filled with
campers of all ages.

As a woman now in her 60s, I truly appreciate the inter-generational
relationships that inspire us, mold us and teach us in a camp environment.
The older campers, the younger campers, the counselors, Mary and the
administrative staff and THIS older woman all come together and build
mentorship skills and friendships that last a lifetime.
I can attest to the fact all my years at Camp Agawak gave me
important characteristics that have helped me throughout adulthood –
tenacity, courage and a can-do spirit that we learn every day in our
activities and adventures on these beautiful grounds.
Parents – you made one of your best choices to give your girls the
opportunity to grow and glow at this summer camp, where we believe that
anything is possible – if you try, try and try again!


Iris Krasnow is the author of a book on Camp Agawak:
Camp Girls: Fireside Lessons on Friendship, Courage & Loyalty.