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Goodbye First session

Camp Director

We've had an UNBELIEVABLE last few days with Blue and White Lip Syncs topping off our week. The performance in Happy Camper Hall was one of the BEST lip Syncs I've ever seen. The leadership and teamwork of our mighty CIT's was evident throughout the performance. The energy and noise inside of  Happy Camper Hall could be heard across Blue Lake. 


Unfortunately, the clock is winding down. Tonight, we spent our last campfire with our first session camp sisters. Tomorrow, first session sadly ends. None of us want to say our goodbyes to all the new friends we've made and the fun times we shared. We get to spend one more breakfast together as a camp family before the buses roll out of camp with teary eyed campers aboard. 


 We reflect back on the amazing session gone by too quickly. The wacky programs, first session traditions, activities galore, friends, sports, shows, trips and more. The special times in our cabins with our cabin-mates and counselors. The new things we tried. The lessons learned. The new experiences we encountered. The challenges we overcame. The homesickness we conquered. It was an amazing first session at Camp Agawak. One for the record-books. 


I want to thank our entire staff for their dedication, commitment, hard work and enthusiasm shown thus far. I can't thank our first session campers enough for sharing themselves and letting us become a part of their world. Our time together was an absolute blast and each of you, in your own way will be missed dearly. I can’t thank our camp families enough for continuing to have the confidence and faith in all of us at Camp Agawak. 


Smile on and full speed ahead!