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Hip Hip Hooray!

Camp Director

Hip, hip hooray America was the birthday girl of the day. Thursday morning camper mailboxes were lined with red, white and blue 4th of July parade shirts which campers proudly wore as they danced through the afternoon down the main street of Minocqua. Did you know Minocqua is an island city which draws thousands of tourists to the area for fishing, boating and outdoor fun? The 4th of July is the one day first session where campers get to explore the island city, hit the stores for shopping and perform for thousands of tourists and locals.  I say confidently, Agawak campers were the hit of the parade.  Our day ended with a cookout at the Campanile Center, followed by the Min-Aqua Bat Ski show and fireworks.

Friday we enjoyed a waffle breakfast with Mc-Ducky sandwiches and signed up for another round of activities. Campers took to the waterfront in full force this morning blobbing and splashing around in the sun.  

This afternoon campers were challenged to acquire the keys to Agawak City.  Through cabin team building activities campers strengthened cabin bonds while working their way to a special surprise.  Once they entered Agawak City, there was a cabin cake for them to decorate, which will be their special dessert at lunch tomorrow. Campers grabbed their spatulas, pick-up a piping bag and creativity took flight. Cabin cakes were decorated with an Agawak theme. Beyond its delicious appeal campers were able to unleash their creativity in edible form. As the evening cools down, campers will participate in a Blue and White favorite, Stratego.