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Positive Vibes

Camp Director

Our second oldest age group, backpacks and all, boarded a chartered bus this morning and headed north to Grand Marais, Michigan for the annual PA camping trip. They will canoe and swim in Canadian waters. Most were excited for their new adventure while a few were a tad skeptical. Trying new things takes many campers completely out of their comfort zones but helps them to grow as individuals. This trip is a wonderful opportunity for the entire age group to bond, away from the distractions of camp, in natural and peaceful surroundings. I can’t wait to hear all their stories when they return home Sunday. 


We sadly had to say our goodbyes to our Rookie 1 campers. This crop of Rookies were one of the most enthusiastic, respectful, happy and funny bunch of girls Agawak has ever had. They went home exhausted and filled with lots of silly camp stories. I miss their infectious smiles and positive energy. 


There’s no better place to be, on a hot 85 degree humid day, than the Agawak waterfront. Whether campers are perfecting their strokes, bouncing on the water trampoline or padding through waves, they will never forget the fun they had on Blue Lake. Campers could be seen skiing in and out of the wake, sailing, catching fish, cannon balling and paddling through the waves. On land, campers were hitting bull’s-eyes, or at least the target, climbing up the Tango Tower, bumping in volleyball, doing cartwheels and backhand springs in gymnastics, making yummy eats in Cook-wood with Karla, practicing parade dance moves, serving up aces on the tennis courts and so much more. 


As we go about our days here at Agawak, having a blast with all the Blue and White events, all the dress-up shenanigans, singing every day multiple times, for absolutely no reason, and finding ourselves laughing and smiling more than ever, it’s easy to forget the deep emotional undercurrent that fuels all this Agawak excitement. If you ever have the privilege of spending a little time here, among these amazing campers and staff, you’ll soon sense, there’s something incredibly special brewing, something much deeper and meaningful than the fun you see in our photo gallery. I truly believe it can be traced to the power of this place, the kindness, caring, the special sisterhood that defines our unique camp community. These positive vibes are what the spirit of Agawak is all about. It’s a force that slowly takes hold, brings us close together and makes life at  Agawak a true haven we all cherish. 


Smile on and full speed ahead!