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We Capture Fun!

Camp Director

Last night, we played a friendly game of Blue and White....Capture the Flag.  

The objective: each team must try to capture the opponent's flag and bring it safely back to their territory, while defending their own flag from being captured. This blend of strategy, teamwork, and physical activity makes Capture the Flag a cornerstone of outdoor fun and friendly competition.

Our campers ran their little hearts out during the entire game. Team cheers could be heard from every location in camp. Campers captured multiple flags while screams of excitement filled the lower athletic field. This classic and timeless game continues to be a camper favorite which they won't let me get rid of.  Beyond its status as a thrilling outdoor game, Capture the Flag can help shape the growth of a camper. A few important things a camper learns from a simply game of Capture the Flag is teamwork, strategy, leadership and good sportsmanship. Whether our girls are devising a strategy to sneak past the other team or defending their territory, they quickly realize that working together yields much better results than going it alone.

Within each Blue and White Team, I see natural leaders emerge. Capture the Flag provides a platform for any camper to shine. It empowers campers to step up and take initiative which is an important skill to develop in our youth. In today's high-tech age, outdoor play is more important than ever. Capture the Flag gets our campers moving and running.  It promotes physical fitness plus I hope it helps instill a love for being active outdoors.