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Alan A

Hey my name is Alan and I’m student. I’m creative and spontaneous most of the time. Love learning new skills and from other people every day.

Morgan A

Hi! I’m Morgan and this will be my first year at camp Agawak. I am 20 years old and Im from a rural town in NSW, Australia. I am currently completing my bachelor of nursing. I can’t wait to meet everyone!!

Danny A

Hi! I'm Danny this is my 2nd year at camp and im very excited to return. I'm sure this summer will be amazing! :)

Angelica A

I am member of a mountaineering association in Mexico, so have experience in different sports activities, I have worked with kids on mountain and art, this time I'm part of staff in Agawak Camp and I am sure this summer is going to be marvelous.

Halle A.

Hi! I’m Halle! I’m from Highland Park, IL and can not wait to spend my 9th summer (and first on staff) at camp agawak!! I live for anything camp related and am counting down the days until we’re all on blue lake!! In the Fall, I’ll be a senior at Highland Park High School where I like to be with friends, play basketball, and online shop. And during the summers I like to be on the water, swimming and skiing all day! I’m so excited to watch blue and white games this summer and hang out with my campers!! Can’t wait for another summer at my favorite place on earth! 

Tatum A.

Hi! I’m Tatum Anderson and I’m from Chicago. I’m so excited for my 11th summer at camp and my 2nd summer on staff! In the fall, I will be attending Tulane University. This summer you can find me at the waterfront mostly on the ski docks and assisting with swimming! I can’t wait to be back with everyone on Blue Lake! 

Isabelle A.

Hi! I’m Isabelle and I’m from Chicago, IL. I can’t wait for my 11th summer at camp and 2nd summer on staff! In the fall, I will be attending University of Michigan. This summer you can find me on the ski docks or swimming in Blue Lake. Counting down the days!