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Morgan P

Hi everyone! My name is Morgan Paull, I’m 24 and from Northbrook, IL. Currently I work at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and will be graduating with my Masters of Science in Nursing from Rush University in August. I was a long-time camper at Agawak starting in 2009 and continued to come back as a counselor and helper in the Infirmary/Office every year since. This year I will be a counselor to the Rookie 2s with my best friend, who I met at Agawak, Tatum Oblonsky. Full speed ahead!

Aimee P

Hey everyone! I'm Aimee, I'm 22 years old and from Manchester, UK. I'm a musician, releasing my own music on streaming platforms alongside playing gigs in and around Manchester, arguably one of the best music cities in the world! I'm absolutely ecstatic to get down to camp for the very first time this summer and meet you lovely lot.

Bailee P

Hi wonderful parents, My name is Bailee I am 18 years old but I will be 19 by the time I arrive at Camp Agawak. I live with my beautiful parents and my older sister and younger brother in Melbourne, Australia.  I play Australian football and Netball and LOVE arts and crafts. I work in Childcare with children aged from 3 months old - 6 years old, which I love. I can’t wait to meet your lovely children and give them the best summer ever while making sure I meet their needs. 


Lucy P

Hi! My name is Lucy Paull, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Highland Park, IL. I’ve been a camper at Agawak since 2014 and a counselor since 2022. My favorite activity at camp is waterskiing and I’m so excited to be back on Blue Lake this summer!