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Ashley Strauss

Hi! My name is Ashley Strauss. After 8 years of being a camper, I am so excited to be a Junior counselor this year. I love to dance and play tennis, and can’t wait to spend my summer at my home away from home.

Tona S

Hello everyone! My name is Tonantzin but you can call me Tona I’m 20 and I’m from Mexico. I am part of the kitchen staff and this will be my first time at camp Agawak. I’m so happy to be working here!

Ally S

Hi! I'm Ally, I'm 17 and from Deerfield, Illinois. I've been going to Camp Agawak since 2015. I love to swim and dance, and I'm so excited to be with everyone at my favorite place!

Jordan S

Hi everyone! My name is Jordan, I’m 17 years old, and am from Deerfield, IL. I have been spending my summers at Agawak since 2016! I can’t wait for the amazing summer ahead and to share my favorite place with all of you!

Ainsley S

Hi! I’m Ainsley, I’m 17 and from Chicago. I’ve been a part of Camp Agawak since 2015. I'm looking forward to being back on Blue Lake this summer and getting to know all the new campers!

Rachel S

Hey everyone! My name is Rach and I'm 21 from Melbourne, Australia. This will be my first time visiting America and I'm super excited to have an epic summer 2024 with you all! 

Caroline S

Hi! I’m Caroline Skok and I’m 19 years old. I’m from Chicago and am currently a freshman at the University of Southern California. I have been coming to Agawak since 2014 and this will be my third summer on staff. I’m so excited to meet all of you!!

Sophia S

Hey guys! I'm Sophia, I'm 18 and have been Camp Agawak's Ceramic Arts Director since summer of 2022. I am a very creative person and I love to assist in helping kids discover their creative abilities through the medium of ceramic arts. I'm stoked to meet our new arrivals and reconnect with returning campers! See you soon!

Abbie S

Hi! My name is Abbie and I am from Highland Park, IL. I will be a senior at Highland Park High School next fall. I was a camper at Agawak and I am so excited to continue my camp experience as a counselor! I love to dance, hang out with my friends and family, ski, and sail! I can't wait to be back on Blue Lake!

Riley S

Hi everyone!! I’m Riley, I’m 19, and from Chicago. This is going to be my 10th summer at Agawak and 3rd on staff. This summer I’ll be spending lots of time on the tennis courts, ski docks, and planning evening programs! I can’t wait to see everyone back on blue lake!!!