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Agawak is Special!

Camp Director

Agawak is special because of the people. From the counselors to the Health Center to the Tango Tower staff to strong Support Staff, Agawak is filled with amazing people who are passionate about camp and what they are doing. Most importantly, everyone has the same goal of giving our campers the best summer possible. Agawak has a special way of revealing a new side of campers even they may not normally have seen or even knew existed. Campers who return year after year come home with something new every summer. I hope they all understand how fortunate they are to spend their summer at camp. We feel a profound connection to the north-woods of Wisconsin where the air is clear and the night stars shine a bit brighter. Our campers, especially the older ones, realize they don’t need to be “plugged in” to feel connected. Our campers will take something extra home with them: the stories, shared experiences, inside jokes and memories. Luckily, the Agawak Spirit won’t take up any space in their duffels.....that spirit will stay with them for life! 

We have much to pack in these last five days. Auctions prizes, Treasure hunt, Awards Night, Final Campfire, more fun Activities plus Closing Blue and White ceremonies. Don't be surprised if your camper returns sick! Campsick adjective ˈkamp-ˌsik. The opposite of homesick (medically, you’re not actually ill). Intense longing to be back at summer camp. Symptoms: Afflicted persons may show a variety of symptoms, including melancholy, reminiscence, and attempts to incorporate camp culture, routine, and lingo into “real world” life. Please give your camper time to decompress and process their overnight camp experience without pushing them to share. For example, your camper may come home with a wrist full of camp bracelets made in Arts/Crafts. Please don't try to take these off or suggest they come off, they will refuse! :))  Your child is used to making her own bed....keep this going! Your camper will be thrilled to see you of course, but the only thing that they might want to discuss is camp stuff! EMBRACE IT. They will have some awesome stories and laughs to share with you. 

The massive group hugs I've seen as campers depart early for the summer due to school and sports has been heartwarming. These group hugs capture what summer camp is all about...special people...connections...strong and support! Oh, how lucky we are to experience this together.  

Smile on and full speed ahead into our final days!