Packing for Camp

The rule to packing is not to send valuables or anything you’ll be upset about should your daughter lose or ruin while at camp.  Oh, and did we mention – for all sessions other than Rookie 1, ONLY TWO-70 lb. BAGS (all bags are weighed). Rookie 1 campers will be limited to 1 duffel or 2 small weekender-type bags.  No bags overweight or more than two bags will be allowed! This list will suffice for full season, single session and Rookie 2 campers. Pack for a week, not a session.  

Click below to download the printable packing lists for your camper's session: 

2019 Full, one session & Rookie 2 packing list

2019 Rookie 1 packing list

Here are the packing lists for the PA and CIT trips

PA Packing List

CIT Packing List