Summer Camp Blog

The last night

Aug 07, 2019 by Camp Director

Last night, we hugged one another tightly, said our final goodbyes and watched our birch bark wish-boats float across the swim area. Campers and counselors hugged one another tightly not wanting to let go. There are always tears the last night of camp but this summer there was sobbing. When the last candle was blown out at our awards ceremony, Monday night, campers begged me not to blow the last candle out. When the flame went out the crying was intense, more intense than ever before. What does this mean? It means camp was life-changing! It means our connection with one another ran deep.


Our campers grew in significant ways this summer. While it’s always a little bittersweet to watch our campers grow up quickly, I am grateful to be a part of their growing process and love seeing how much they flourish and mature each summer. I saw shy campers blossom into leaders. I saw homesick campers become happy campers. I saw overly confident girls letting others take the lead. I saw campers challenging themselves with new activities. I saw campers learning to become a better friend to others. I saw campers lifting one another up. I saw campers becoming more independent, kind and confident right before my eyes.


It's true. Camp is life-changing. Our campers went home today a better version of themselves. At campfire, I told them to hug their parents tightly and thank them for the gift of camp. They are such lucky girls. I feel lucky to be able to watch them grow and develop each summer. Thank you for allowing all of us here to spend precious time with your daughter. We take our responsibility very seriously and hope you are pleased with the growth you see.

This was a fantastic summer on so many levels. I hope you’re enjoying all of your daughters camp stories and I hope each of our amazing campers will find their way back to Agawak next summer... no matter the distance.


I cannot wait to do it all again with each of you in 2020!