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Director's Note

Camp Director

This Director's Note is from March and on the inside cover of the Pre-Camp Packet.


Dear Camp Agawak friends and families,

With winter losing its grip, spring is right around the corner. I'm looking forward to warmer days, Blue Lake thawing, the completion of our new dining hall and tons of happy campers. I couldn't be more excited to have your daughter join us for what promises to be an incredible and fun summer filled with learning, laughter and lifelong memories.

At Camp Agawak, we believe in creating an overnight camp environment where your camper can thrive and grow, both personally and socially. Our program offers a wide range of activities, special programs, challenges and opportunities for leadership, which will help your camper discover new interests and talents. From water and land activities to creative activities to Blue and White team-building games, we have something for every camper.

Our dedicated staff is committed to providing a safe, fun and nurturing space for your daughter to explore and learn more about herself. Summer after summer, I get more and more excited to watch as campers embrace new situations and challenges and develop their self-confidence.

Rest assured the well-being and happiness of your daughter are our top priorities. Our caring staff are here to support and guide your camper through every step of her Agawak journey. In return, we require your daughter to show kindness and compassion at all times towards others which is crucial when forming lifelong camp friendships.

As the summer unfolds, we encourage you to stay connected with us through camp blogs, Facebook, Instagram and by checking out heaps of photos posted daily in the photo section of your CampMinder account. Photos posted daily, except Sundays, gives everyone at home a glimpse of all the awesome moments happening here! A picture really is worth a thousand words.

Thank you for entrusting us with the privilege of being a part of your daughter's summer experience. First year campers bring fresh energy and a sense of adventure while returning campers bring unwavering spirit and unending enthusiasm to our camp community. Whether it's your daughter's very first summer at Agawak or one of many, we look forward to creating a transformative and not to be forgotten summer in 2024.

Smile on and full speed ahead!

Mary :)