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Capture the Flag is a classic Blue and White game we look forward to all summer. Did you know the history of Capture the Flag goes back hundreds, even thousands of years? To win, campers must cross into the other team's territory and steal the other team's flag and safely return it to their side without getting their sock pulled. The game never gets old or dull. Campers love the strategy, teamwork, and physical activity it takes to achieve victory. This timeless game brings teammates of all ages together for an adrenaline rush. With an enduring Blue and White history to it, Capture the Flag is a true testament to the power of play and the importance of tradition. Tonight, both teams played their hearts out and had an absolute blast. In the end, it was the White Team who captured the win. 


Another tradition is Sunday weekly campfire. Yesterday evening we gathered around the campfire, sang silly songs, listened to a special MP campfire story, watched the ukulele class perform, threw key-logs into the fire and held one another's hand as we sang together our closing song "Friends, Friends." 

Tomorrow morning, it's "up and at 'em" for an early morning lake swim across Blue Lake. Boats, buoys, bathing suits, swimmers and lifeguards will take to the waters for our final lake swim of 2023. Approximately, 50 swimmers will attempt the 3/4 mile swim. Another Agawak tradition stemming back to the 1930's. 


You can’t hang out at Agawak for very long and not be amazed. What’s going on here is amazing of course—campers are happily busy with a huge range of activities, stretching and growing in marvelous ways. At any one moment there is a camper doing something impressive. It could be as daring as learning a back walkover in Gymnastics, or as mundane as sweeping the cabin floor in the morning after breakfast. It could be creative like painting a watercolor still life. It could require calm attention like aiming a .22 rifle at a target 50 feet away. Campers prove they are strong climbing up to the top of the Tango Tower. They are persistent by learning to throw a pot on the potter’s wheel. They are brave when their sailboat capsizes in the middle of the lake. Everyday, it’s incredible how many decisions campers make on their own, away from their parents. They are learning so much about so many things including themselves. 


With a little over a week to go, we have hills to bike, ropes to climb, fish to catch, wakes to cross, bread to bake, canoes to paddle, ukuleles to strum, a social to attend, a treasure hunt to win, a casino night to win $$$ and farewells to say.  We are exhausted from the fast pace and busy days but we wouldn't change a thing.  It's been amazing to see all our campers happy in their activities, in each other’s company and genuinely caring about one another.


Did I mention....Camp life is GREAT!


Smile on and full speed ahead,