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High Energy Day

Camp Director

There’s a certain kind of power that can be felt at Agawak. It's girl power. When we're all together and fully involved there's an undeniable energy that can be seen and felt in the air. 


Today, this powerful energy was full-on as we acknowledged Birthday Day. Campers were separated into their birthday month and met other campers from different cabins and grades who celebrate the same birthday month. Together they created their own special birthday cheers which they sang to the entire camp on the upper athletic field. The afternoon was spent traveling from one fun birthday game to another. From the beach playing musical chairs in the water, to the upper athletic field where they played....drip, drip, wet., to the cookout area where cotton candy was literally flowing, it was a high energy day in the hot sun. The perfect setting for a giant birthday party! 


Dinner was a delicious cookout with grilled burgers and veggie burgers. Throw in a yummy salad bar and some ice cream and our tummies were full. Well, at least until Camp Ojibwa arrived around 7:30 pm and were greeted with Karen's yummy brownies. We all crave these special social brownies because they only make an appearance at socials. Those brownies were devoured quickly. Good Vibes Entertainment (out of Chicago) made our night magical. The tennis courts were jamming, bubbles were floating through the air and snow flakes fell upon us. FUN! FUN! FUN!


Tomorrow, we begin our famous Final Four opening ceremonies around 10:30 am. This summer's teams, (UCLA, USC, UCSB and UCB) and captains, have been working overtime creating skits, songs and team cheers to present tomorrow morning to our Final Four Commissioners. Team shirts were handed out to every camper and we look forward to watching the teams work together, for good sportsmanship, team spirit and the excitement of the Gonzo Relay.


It's incredible to feel this energy and witness the constant creativity that goes on here on any given day, everyday. It's equally as wonderful to see the kids at camp just being kids. Life at Agawak is AMAZING!! All of us here hope you had a wonderful day... rest assured we did!


Smile on and full speed ahead.