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Day is Done

Camp Director

How can it be that we've been together for over two weeks? You'd never know it by looking around camp. Campers and counselors look like they have been functioning like a family unit for a long time. Of course, just like at home, there are many learning moments for campers who live together for 24 hours a day. Cabin life is all about learning to live together and function as a group. Campers learn how to be more tolerant, kind, flexible, giving and forgiving. All of this takes time and it's a process. Our staff spends hours helping campers navigate through relationships and different cabin situations. Campers learn, in time, how to be a better friend and come to realize the best cabin-mates are those that compromise and put others first.

Outside the cabin campers are honing their skills in skiing, basketball, sailing, cooking, pottery and so much more. Counselors are finding great satisfaction as campers master a wide variety of skills. Camping trips, like the one to Greshman Lake a few days ago, helps build character and helps campers appreciate nature more. Project Runway, teaches campers that it's okay to act silly and to not take themselves too seriously. Project Runway showcases counselors dressed in plastic table cloths. Each unique cabin design is created by the campers and a counselor is selected to represent the cabin. Counselor Emma from cabin B took 1st place as Sticky Orange. When given an orange table cloth the first thing that must have come to mind was the sticky orange from Food Olympics the night before. Runner-up was Shaylee, from cabin 9, dressed as the Red Emoji. I'm pretty sure her dance moves catapulted her into second place. At Agawak, we’re fortunate to have so many opportunities to "dress up" in ridiculous outfits.The best part of dressing up isn’t always being on stage but the enthusiasm for planning costumes back in the cabin with your closest friends. Camp is a reminder that you’re never too old to dress up and you're never too old to overcome your fear of being on stage. 

Tonight, Kasper K, from Monster Entertainment, had Happy Camper Hall "on fire". No one seemed to shy away from the dance floor. Happy Camper Hall was packed with dancing queens. As we head into the 4th of July our dance instructors are putting on the final touches for the 4th of July parade. Olympic Day is right around the corner and more Blue and White games are headed our way. We continue to dodge the raindrops and are thankful for another full day of activities tomorrow. All of us continue to relish every moment and can't wait for all the fun programs in store for us this week.

Smile on,