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May Agazine

Camp Director

Below is Directors note from the May Agazine.  Please click HERE for the full version.



Spring is finally in the air which means summer is just around the corner! I’ve shed my winter jacket, I hope for the last time, and in the blink of eye it will be time to pack our camp duffels. Soon campers from across the country and some from across the world will be experiencing their first overnight camp adventure while returning campers will be “coming home”. Whether a “new timer” or “old timer”, all of us will spend endless hours having fun, not realizing the character, skills, and confidence we are building along the way.

Campers will be pushed out of their comfort zones while at camp. They will be encouraged to try new things from...Ducky’s hobo hash to dropping a ski. Camper’s will face different kinds of challenges all summer long such as climbing the Tango Tower, swimming for the first time in Blue Lake, conquering stage fright, or just introducing themselves to new people. Every time they face a fear they become a little more confident. Self-confidence is not something that comes across naturally to all campers, but it is something they develop after a summer at camp. They begin to see themselves as capable, strong and brave. It sets a solid foundation for the people they are becoming. Camp molds campers into confident individuals all disguised as the BEST summer they’ve ever had.

Spending a summer at Agawak is also a great way to help your daughter prepare for the realities of living with other people in adulthood…like college. Early risers learn to occupy their time quietly and respectfully in the mornings without waking up others in their cabin. Night owls learn to keep things quiet after “lights out”. Children who are used to being disorganized learn that their messiness affects others in the cabin and they start to learn the importance of cleanliness and organization. Sharing a cabin with other girls also teaches campers to respect property that is not theirs.

Every day at camp is a new opportunity to learn valuable life lessons and prepares them to be respectful and responsible young people.  Camp is tons of fun as we all know but it’s also about learning valuable life lessons that will help our girls to become more productive members of society.  Gifting your daughter the gift of summer camp will never be something you look back on with regret. I’m confident your daughter will thank you and will come to realize so many crucial life lessons were learned while having fun on the shores of Blue Lake.  Get your Agawak Tye-Dyed shirt packed and get ready for the Hippest Scene in 2017!           Smile on, Mary