Summer Camp Blog

One week behind us & more fun to come!

Camp Director


After a steady week of non-stop activities (hard to believe we’ve been together for a week) we had rain come in last night to close our evening campfire. We sang camp songs around a roaring fire, listened as campers serenaded us and we were touched by a few Agalog writings and campfire girl speeches. 

This morning, sprinkles were in the air and we pushed hobo hash breakfast back just enough to allow the skies to open up for our second rotation of activities. Throughout the day, I checked the weather every hour on the hour. It was the kind of day that had us on our toes questioning whether activities would be a go! Luckily, we were able to get an entire day of fun activities in. We were even able to squeeze in a cookout for dinner before the weather changed and had us heading indoors for a gigantic Blue and White scramble game.  After six straight days of great weather, non-stop action on the lake, and on the courts, it was a welcome break! 

With the first week behind us, we look forward to ramping up our summer calendar as camping trips, Halloween, Olympic Day, Blue and White, 4th of July parade and more special events crank up. We look forward to the week ahead with good weather in the forecast and lots of time swimming, water-skiing, sailing, stand-up paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking, and even snorkeling!  

While activities and programs are running full bore, the part about camp everyone loves best is just being with each other. Friends have been reunited. And in short order, the “newcomers” quickly are becoming part of the extended Agawak family. The friendships made at camp are unlike any other relationships. The authenticity of camp allows you to truly be who you are, which fosters genuine connections between individuals. You become part of a summer family that loves and supports one another. How wonderful that is!

Welcome home, everyone!  The best lies ahead…