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Dancing the night away

Camp Director


The weather in the Northwoods is always unpredictable. The morning sky can be filled with ominous clouds with plans for a rainy-day schedule and by the time we leave the lodge (or the Todge as some affectionately call it tent /lodge) the sun is already starting to push through. By lunch time, campers and staff are peeling off layers because the temps are rising. We were blessed with another beautiful activity day. Flagpole announcements included our Camper of the Day, Gigi Messer and Counselor of the Day, Chloe Jones from Australia. Campers have signed up for their second round of activities and started those today. There were new faces at skiing and Olivia R got up on one ski on her very first attempt at skiing ever!! 

Period 1 is the time when Sara Mervis, our CIT Director and I get to meet with the 10th graders (CITs). Today’s topic was Agawak's mission statement and what it means. Sara and I were amazed and proud of the answers that were produced. Safe - because parents have entrusted their child to us to keep safe. Sense of Self - campers are free to explore who they are and what kind of person they want to become. Empowered - campers are supported by camp sisters and staff. They learn independence which is also empowering. Enriched - there is no possible way that after spending time in this magical place you have not been enriched or enriched another human’s life. I could go on with even more of their amazing insight but then I wouldn't get to the rest of the fun we had today.

Activities were in full swing and the sight of paddleboarders, skiers, sailboats and canoes on Blue Lake can’t help but make one smile. Walking around camp visiting the activity areas is always such fun because campers rush to show you what they are learning or to tell you their latest accomplishment. The ceramics class demonstrated throwing clay, how to use the wheel and there are items already in the kiln ready to be fired. Kickboxing was eager to have a guest join the class. I am pretty sure watching me try to do the moves was highly entertaining to everyone. Gymnastics was hopping with girls on the bars practicing their kips, working on cartwheels on the balance beam with others doing back handsprings on the spring floor.

As usual, Ducky and the amazing kitchen staff provided a delicious dinner of gyros, steak fries and fruit. Dessert usually follows dinner at the cookout site but not tonight! The EP was CLUB AGAWAK! Happy Camper Hall turns into an all-out dance party with refreshments and a VIP lounge where cabins were called to decorate their own cupcakes. Finally, after everyone gave it their all on the dance floor, campers went back to their cabins and staff had a little dance party of their own while putting HCH back in order.

I can clearly say that today was safe, fun, nurturing, empowering and all were enriched. So, goodnight everyone. We have to get some rest to do it all over again tomorrow. 

 - Chris Garcia