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Socials, Rodeo, Movies, Oh My!

Camp Director

The old saying…time flies when you’re having fun, plays itself out at Agawak daily and sometimes into the wee hours of the morning with a Midnight Movie. Last night, after a roaring social with Camp Horseshoe (in Rhinelander) we loaded the buses again and headed into Minocqua to watch Elemental and Barbie.  

The Agawak Dance Team (ADT) performed at the social. Everyone’s applause and encouragement made our young dancers smile from ear to ear. Campers enjoyed popcorn, lots of dancing, socializing and unstructured fun time with friends. 

It’s been a busy, busy week full of activities, a tennis competition with Camp Chippewa, waterfront afternoons, a rodeo-themed night with line dancing, a social with Menominee, Kindness Day and the Agawak Color Run.

While our wonderful CIT’s were out exploring the Boundary Waters, our lovely PA’s stepped up to lead Blue and White Search Party and Say What Karaoke. Their leadership was awesome! They brought so much talent and laughter to the Happy Camper Stage for their PA Pageant as well. Our CIT’s safely returned this Saturday. 

After a week of hustle and bustle, we cherish the silent silver bell on Lazy Breakfast Sunday. Waking up at our leisure, ordering homemade pancakes, playing carpetball and chilling in our pajamas with our camp besties is the perfect way to spend a Lazy Sunday morning. However, not everyone wants to be chillin’. Campers are able to attend Sunday Clinics including cooking, skiing, sailing, gymnastics, swimming and more. Most take advantage of the slower pace, but there are always several campers who don’t need much time to pause. 

Right before lunch, final four commissioners Annabelle, Molly and Talia revealed this summer's Final Four Teams. Who will be the first team to ring the Gonzo Relay Bell?

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

University of Southern California (USC)

University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB)

University of California Berkeley (UCB) 

We will cap off the night with our weekly campfire and listen to heartfelt campfire speeches from Kitty, Hailey, Maddie, Lily and Blair. 

Smile on and full speed ahead.