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Stellar First Day!

Camp Director

Camp Agawak had a stellar first day filled with bright sunny skies, smiling faces and warm temperatures.  Staff could be seen jumping up and down while campers poured off the bus and were quickly placed into their cabin groups. 


Campers enjoyed an afternoon of swim tests, tubing, swimming, unpacking, and connecting with cabin-mates. In these little brown cabins in the woods, they will learn to cooperate with one another, learn the importance of respecting differences, meet new friends, problem solve....the list goes on. Agawak offers so many things: water activities, playing sports, making crafts, dancing, singing and most importantly the opportunity to build special connections with people from across the country and world. 


Our first yummy spaghetti dinner was served underneath our new ginormous tent. Falyn, Gately, Nola and Bess taught the song, "I’d rather be an Agawak Girl than a multi multi millionaire", while staff headed off to Happy Camper Hall. 


Our evening program directors, Elle, Riley, and Maya organized and led an upbeat staff show featuring the "Jonas Brothers" from Camp Rock. Happy Camper Hall was filled with cheers and laughter while the staff sang songs, performed funny skits and introduced themselves on the big screen. The traditional Agawak opening staff show is always a fun way to kick off the summer. Hats off to our program directors for their creativity. 


Today campers enjoyed homemade cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit, yogurt, and oatmeal for breakfast. It was then time to hit the waters of Blue Lake and sign up for the first rotation of activities which begin tomorrow morning. Our little Rookies had great fun cooking with Karla, playing tennis and tie-dying this morning and will enjoy a campfire tonight with their counselors, Mary and MP, on the guitar.


Ducky served homemade tomato basil soup, grilled cheese, pickles, full salad bar and apples for lunch. Once lunch was over it was back to the bunks for letter writing day. During rest period big sisters were united with their little sisters and together they participated in a special scavenger hunt where they explored different areas throughout camp and collected colorful beads to make a friendship bracelet. 


With the humid warm weather our afternoon was filled with water activities, blobbing, water trampolining, tubing, sliding down the water slide, teetering on the water rocket, playing kickball and dodge-ball games. 


This evening, our long standing Blue and White tradition will carry on as new campers will be placed on their team for life. CIT captains will be selected by a gentle push off the swim docks followed by a massive CIT swim

plunge...clothes and all. Although two captains are selected per team it’s the entire team of Fiky-Ikus and Uh-Ungowa CIT’s who put their heads together and lead their respective teams. There is legacy component to this 1921 Blue and White tradition. The evening will end with team songs, cheers and a mammoth tug-of-war! 


We’ve truly assembled an amazing staff that will be working with our campers in the bunks and another set of support staff, activity specialists, maintenance crew and administrative staff who are dedicated to giving our campers an extraordinary summer. I could not be more proud of the staff gathered before me. It’s going to be a summer we shall never forget as we embrace our 2023 slogan......"Free to be 2023!"


Smile on and full speed ahead,

Mary and the Agawak Team