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Thursday Activity Day

Camp Director

Activities are in full swing and and things are hummin’!! Smiling campers are biking the nature trail, waterskiing on Blue Lake, kicking soccer balls, hitting targets, flipping in gymnastics and creating crafts. Fun echos throughout camp as friendships old and new are being rekindled, and the promise of an unforgettable summer lingers in the air from morning to night.


Our girls are growing in tremendous ways each and everyday. An all-girls overnight camp experience gives campers the chance to discover more about themselves without the pressure of boys watching. Being with campers of the same gender frees them of stereotypes that may be placed on them elsewhere. Spending exclusive time with other girls helps create a more non-threatening environment, particularly for adolescents and early teens already going through awkward changes as they begin to maneuver the sometimes tumultuous teen years. Agawak girls can get down and dirty in a game of capture the flag and don’t feel the need to look over their shoulders while bouncing on the water tramp or in the gymnastics hall because we are with "our sisters" and it’s all just a part of camp. 


Tonight we have a special evening program planned...Club Agawak. Happy Camper Hall will be transformed into the early 2000's with this summer's pink throwback theme. Campers will dance the night away and even get a chance to visit the VIP section with club food favorites: mini tacos, pretzel bites, mini-hot dogs and refreshments. 


Stay tuned…we’re just getting started!