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Scarlett B

My names Scarlett and I am 18 years old, from Sydney Australia. This is my first year at camp and I am so excited! It’s apart of my GAP year around the US since graduating from high school in 2022. 


Estelle B

Hi. My name is Estelle. I'll be one of the main facilitators at the Tango Tower. I have been climbing for five years, it's my most favorite thing to do and I can't wait to teach others.  

Jenna B

Hi! I'm Jenna and I'm from Deerfield, IL. In the fall, I will be a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin. This is my 10th summer at camp and my 2nd on staff. My favorite things to do at camp are skiing, kickboxing, and sailing. I can't wait to be back this summer!

Logan B

Hi!! My name is Logan Borre and I'm from Highland Park, IL! I will be a JC2 this summer and this will be my 9th year at camp. I'm so excited to be back on Blue Lake and meet you all!!

Sarah B

Hey there! I’m Sarah and I’m 24, from Australia. An avid traveler, wanderer and seeker of everyday magic, I’ll find the best in every situation and ensure a smile is on everyone’s face. I’m qualified in Outdoor Education and as a Swimming Instructor and I’m incredibly excited to have a blast this summer, connecting with both people and nature!

Kitty B

Hi I’m Kitty, I’m from England this is my first time at Camp America and I’m so excited to get to stuck in this summer. I’m about to graduate University in Brighton with a degree in Performing Arts.

Abbey B

Hey everyone my name is Abbey I’m 19 years old and I’m from Liverpool, England ( give it a google we have a very famous band). Looking forward to meeting you all and having a great summer!

Paige B.

Hi!! My name is Paige Bordo and I am so excited for camp this year! It will be my 9th summer and first year on staff! I am from Highland Park IL and just completed my junior year at Highland Park High School. Outside of school, I love to dance and spend time with family and friends! At camp, you can find me at the waterfront swimming and skiing! I can’t wait to be on staff this year and am so excited to meet all the new campers!!